Social Responsibility
  • To us social responsibility means giving back to our community and the people who continuously support our business over the years while successfully meeting the goals and objectives of our company. It has always been apart of our mantra that “one hand helps to wash the other” Meaning – giving back will intern help the growth and development of our community which eventually will contribute to the bottom line of our business.
  • For 20 years, The Door Restaurant has been serving healthy, delicious, high quality Food & beverages to our customers and it is our promise to always maintain that standard of product and services because those two are key components of the business existence.
  • Our portfolio includes providing meals to different schools and school feeding programs in and around surrounding communities.
  • During the Covid 19 pandemic we gave back to essential workers in different Hospitals, Nursing Homes and other Medical Facilities where we provide hundreds of cooked meals on a weekly basis to show our appreciation for their bravery during the pandemic.
  • We are always open to collaborating with other facilities as apart of our social responsibility program and as such there is an open line of communication with management where this is concerned.